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Monday, 27 May 2013

Mustard Trees

Dress - H&M
Belt - New Look

I am not wearing much am i ? Yes finally summer has sprung in to England ! I really love this dress because its very light weight and so comfortable to wear anywhere , its so simple as well but it has so much effect ! One thing about this dress that doesn't make it 10/10 is that it sticks to your body like it , not because i was sweating for anything but the fabric make it stick which is very annoying but over all its a nice dress ! Guys I am in a new background but what an unusual one , a tree !

My hair is so simple it just let it go and my make up was really natural .

Kisses Elle Amore x

Friday, 24 May 2013

Chilli Red

Earrings - Topshop
Playsuit - New Look
Sunglasses - New Look
FAKE Louis Vuitton  - Nepal
Wedges - Primark
Belt - New Look

Cute and casual is so me right now . The play suit i saw at new look and as soon as i laid eyes on it i was like YES ! and guess how much ? 4 POUNDS !!! The FAKE Louis Vuitton is my my home town Nepal my aunt got it shipped over here , i got it like 1 year ago but i had never seen an occasion to carry it because its kind of too much for just going round and about for errands but i don't ever think i'm going to buy the real one , its so expensive !

My makeup was full on today i don't actually know what got me bothered to do it but it was inspired from Kim Kardashion . You cant really see my makeup clearly in the photos though ... My hair was just casually scraped back in to a pony which i thought looked chic and it always brings out your face features !

Kisses Elle Amore xo

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Flowers Galore

Brown Chinos - New Look
T-Shirt -New Look
Sandles - Primark
Bracelet - Next
Bag - New Look

I have been loving the chinos this month because they are perfect for spring / summer chilly days . I think the chino trend first came about like 1 year ago but its great to recycle trend and i hope it will be big this summer too . I have no idea what was going with my hair ?! I can never ever get it go go right do i just put it in a side plait . Today i didn't but make up on today , just a little bit of concealer i think that's why my face looks so discolored but ohh well sometimes you just have to have a natural face right ?

Kisses Elle Amore x

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Sunny Island Of Mauritius

One place i would love to visit is the island of Mauritius , one of the most stunning places in the world ! I just need a little getaway ! i am so sick of the poor and horrible rainy weather in England its so horrible ! Key pieces i would take there are -

- Massive beach hat
- lots of sun cream
- bikini 
- sun glasses
- dresses

This post was kind of different to my normal ones , what do you guys think ?

kisses Elle Amore x

Monday, 13 May 2013


Lace Dress - H&M
Sandles - Primark
Belt - New Look
Sunnies - H&M

Guys i think i am in love with lace , i literally cannot get enough of it ! Most of the clothes i'm getting these days are from H&M it has soo much variety and lots of styles from all over the earth because there is a H&M in basically every country ! I really like the sandles from Primark and guess how much they were okay ready .... £3 !!! that's right 3 whole pounds I think that's a massive bargain ! 

So my makeup if very sutle and natural these days , i think its because i'm becoming soo lazy and just cannot be bothered for anything ! so what do you guys think , is it better than being bold ? Also my background scenery is always the same , in my garden ... so my next post i will definitely change it up abit !

Kisees Elle Amore x

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Recent Buys

I haven't really brought allot of this this whole year to be honest and i thought it was time to go out and splurge ! so here are some things i brought ..

Pink Pumps -  Office
Turtle Neck - New Look
Aztec Shirt - H&M
Black Skater Skirt - H&M
Sunnies - H&M

All of the things i brought are for summer , you guys don't know how exited i am for summer like the hot weather the clothes and the late days all that shizzle . So one thing i don't know why i brought was the Aztec Shirt i did like it at the time in the shop but now i have brought it home i don't know what to wear it with , do you guys have any suggestions ? 

Kisses The Style File x

Monday, 6 May 2013

stripes and black

sunnies - H&M
srtiped t-shirt - New Look
Skater Skirt - H&M
beanie - Next

Today was such a nice and sunny day in the town of Guildford , which is very RARE ! It is bank holiday Monday so i was was going to the beach so i thought why not blog about what im wearing ? Im wearing a really nice black skater skirt which is perfect for the beach and a striped t-shirt and i just thought i would add the beanie because it looked nice ! My makeup was very little except for the BOLD  red lip stick which im loving right now ! i think i have been wearing it every where i go ! 
What did you guys do on this lovely sunny day ?
Kisses the style file x