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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Style Crush Thursday

There are so many variety's of celebrity style out there but these just stood out for me like a mountain ! 

Shenae Grimes ( 90210 )

Shenae's sense of style is amazing but i really like her character style on 90210 (Annie Wilson) . I think its all about classy , girly and bright . The outfit she is wearing in the photo above is fabulous ! Its so cute and casual but i don't think i would wear heels with this outfit but it still look great which ever way you choose to style it up . I do know for a fact that her flower print top is from H&M but then the 90210 stylist altered it to make it in to a crop top .

Ariana Grande 

Ariana's style is so cute and girly because she always wears colours that stand out . Even in the picture above she is wearing white and she just makes it look bright . One of the things i love love love about Ariana is her HAIR , its amazingly gorgeous . I would love to have her hair but i don't really think bright red would suit me ? What are your guys ideas about it ?

Perrie (Little Mix)

I think Perrie's my favourite from little mix not juts because of her style because of her singing too ! Over all i think the band is amazing ! So Perrie's style is sort of the same as Ariana's IT's CUTE AND GIRLY ! I just love how perrie's dress is the same shade as her hair , pastel purple ! I absolutely adore how perrie's wearing a flower head band i think its going to be this years trend for summer because it look's so pretty and its something we have never seen before ( i think ) .

Kendall and Kylie Jenner

I love the Kardashians and Jenners so much they are like my idols especially Kendall and Kylie ! I really like their style because they are teenagers like me and kylie's only 15 but she looks so grown up . Recently they have released their summer fashion collection at pac sun but here in the UK we don't have that shop so i haven't been able to purchase anything from it :( . I love their style because its so casual and comfy , its what everyone loves ! The most favorite thing i love is their boots and kylie's blue leopard print jeans .

Kisses Elle Amore xo

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