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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

April Wish List

So this is my first ever wish list on blogger ! I think i will have monthly wish list for things i would like to buy but most of the things i probably would not like the price tag !


1) Jeffery Campbell Lita - These shoes are probably the most wanted on this list . i don't really know when and where i would wear them but i just want them because they look so nice ! but sad times guys they are so expensive ! so i am thinking about getting the fake ones off ebay , what do you think ?

2) Galaxy Print Top - I have been wanting a galaxy top for quite a while now and these baby's just popped up on amazon ! so i think they would go really nicely with a black skater skirt , i really like the pattern on it its so mesmerizing

3) MAC Lipstick in Rebel - I am really after a dark red lipstick and i think mac's rebel is perfect ! i have quite dry lips so i really like lipsticks that are moisturizing . But the thing is that its price tag is so expensive i think its £14 for 1 lipstick ! you can get similar ones at the drugstore though but not all of them are really good quality .  

4) Lion's head Necklace - I like this necklace because it is bold and it is a design i have never seen before ! its so pretty ! you can wear with mostly anything really but i think i would pair it with a chiffon black shirt and leather skinny trousers . Its a WANT for me ! 

So what are your wishes this month ? let me know in the comments !
kisses the Style File xo

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Red At Heart

I'm so happy ! Its finally summer and here in the UK we do not get summer very often , so i thought i would make the most of it :)

 Red polka dot dress - New Look
Brown Bag - New Look
Flip Flop Sandals - Monsoon

This outfit inspired me from Taylor Swift when she came to london ! Its so casual and perfect for the bold summer colours ! I actually got the dress 1 year ago and i never knew when to wear it but today was a beautiful day and i thought why not ? 
My Favorite part of this outfit is probably the shoes because they are so simple a chic and you can just put them on where ever your going to these baby's are a must have for me !

So my makeup was quite bold today which i quite a surprise because i always stick to the nudes ! Also i have been loving red lipstick recently which i have no idea why ? but what do you think guys ? My hair is just plaited t the side because i really can never be bothered work with my hair its just so difficult ! 

Kisses the stylefile xo

Monday, 15 April 2013

Kardashian Style

Okay so i have decided to do a Kardashian style series . I don't  know how well it will go but hey ho ! I have recently been watching their new TV show Kim and Kourtney take Miami and i think it is so good if you haven't watched it , go and check it out !

Kim Kardashian 

Kim's look is very neat and glamours , she never leaves the house without looking her best . Kim always is not afraid of what to wear but many times he has been quite high on the worst dressed list . This outfit is a very casual one of kim's , i would wear this kind of outfit to visit a friend or to go shopping . She has put many simple fashion items together to make a stunning outfit . All you need is a simple pair of jeans , floppy hat and a button up shirt which all 3 items can be found at a charity shop or your local shopping centre .

Kourtney Kardashian 

Kourtney's look is very chic and stylish. This outfit is one of Kourtney's evening looks . I love how she has worn black and white and added the bright splash of red in there to brighten up the outfit . For this outfit all you need is a black skirt and a white top and a red clutch which you can get from your local thrift shop or even a car boot sale ! Kourtney has always had a great sense of style and even if she has 2 children her figure is FABULOUS !

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe's style is very casual and simple . In this outfit is her day to day look . She is the funniest Kardashian sister , with her sexual jokes ! In this outfit she is just wearing star jeans , blazer , white tank top and a simple pair of heels . I thnk out of all the sisters Khole's style is very very simple and she doesn't really cares about how it looks she just puts on what she thinks is comfortable which it a good way to go GIRLS ! Everything she is wearing you can probably find in your closet (somewhere) !

Thank you so much for reading this post and please 
stay tuned for my other post's ! 

kisses The Style File x

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Nepalese New Year

hello ! yesterday was the Nepalese new year 2070 and i attended the party so here are some pictures of what i wore i hope you like them , if you any questions please feel free to comment :)

So , the dress was from House of Fraser and it was only £14 !
The shoes are from Next and they were £15 !
The belt was from New Look and was £1 !

The hair style i did is called 'milkmaid' , I saw Khloe Kardashian have this hair style and i instantly fell in love with it . didn't really think the hairstyle would suit me  but when i did it i thought it looked good . i think its really good to experiment new things , don't be shy just be yourself and don't think about what other people think about it . if you like it just try it . If you want me to post a tutorial on how to do the hairstyle just leave a comment :)

I didn't want to go all out with my makeup because it was just an evening party so i just stayed with the natural and the nude colours .
lip colour : Rimmal london lip pencil in 050 TIRAMISU
foundation : Bobbi Brown skin foundation in natural 4
eye liner : Rimmel London soft kohl

Thank you fro reading this post
                kisses The Style File xo

Friday, 12 April 2013

This Month Faves

Hello !
Welcome to my blogg ... i am going to be blogging about fashion , makeup and my life :)

To begin I'm going to tell you guys some things about me ... i;m a young girl from London and i LOVE  fashion . I hope when I'm older i will have a career around fashion , i hope :)

lets get in to my faves of last month ( i only have a few ) :

These are my sunglasses from New Look they have been so handy the past month because i have been out and about a lot and the cold spring sun was just hurting my eyes . These were £5.00 and they were a great purchase :)

This is my mac studio fix powder in shade NC35 . This product is very useful because i have oily skin and it absorbs my excess oil . it also makes your face glow and not look dewy . this i think was £20.50 and it was another great purchase :)

This is a simple button up white shirt and it is soo EASY to style just grab a pair of leggings and BOOM you've got a great combo and add a collar necklace . this was from H&M and was £7 which was quite a bargain ! Recently i have been wearing this a lot this past month because it summer in the UK hasn't come yet so I'm sticking to the colours black ad white at the moment :)

this is my most praised fashion item in my wardrobe . its from Topshop and cost £60 . This jacket has been so worn through the past months because you just a trow it over any outfit ! As i said i love the colours black and white right now so yess ... this is a MUST have in a girls wardrobe :)

thanks for reading this post 
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