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Monday, 24 June 2013

white tee

Shorts - New Look
Converse - Schue
Cropped tee - New Look
Bag - New Look

This outfit is so casucal , its something i would wear on a day to day basis. I really like how the tee is so simple but it can make an outfit look really nice and to top it up with some white converse. 

Im not wearing any makeup except lipstick that it very bright pink and some eyeliner which i like very much because wearing makeup at all times can ruin your face . 

Kisses Elle Amore x

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Style Crush Thursday

There are so many variety's of celebrity style out there but these just stood out for me like a mountain ! 

Shenae Grimes ( 90210 )

Shenae's sense of style is amazing but i really like her character style on 90210 (Annie Wilson) . I think its all about classy , girly and bright . The outfit she is wearing in the photo above is fabulous ! Its so cute and casual but i don't think i would wear heels with this outfit but it still look great which ever way you choose to style it up . I do know for a fact that her flower print top is from H&M but then the 90210 stylist altered it to make it in to a crop top .

Ariana Grande 

Ariana's style is so cute and girly because she always wears colours that stand out . Even in the picture above she is wearing white and she just makes it look bright . One of the things i love love love about Ariana is her HAIR , its amazingly gorgeous . I would love to have her hair but i don't really think bright red would suit me ? What are your guys ideas about it ?

Perrie (Little Mix)

I think Perrie's my favourite from little mix not juts because of her style because of her singing too ! Over all i think the band is amazing ! So Perrie's style is sort of the same as Ariana's IT's CUTE AND GIRLY ! I just love how perrie's dress is the same shade as her hair , pastel purple ! I absolutely adore how perrie's wearing a flower head band i think its going to be this years trend for summer because it look's so pretty and its something we have never seen before ( i think ) .

Kendall and Kylie Jenner

I love the Kardashians and Jenners so much they are like my idols especially Kendall and Kylie ! I really like their style because they are teenagers like me and kylie's only 15 but she looks so grown up . Recently they have released their summer fashion collection at pac sun but here in the UK we don't have that shop so i haven't been able to purchase anything from it :( . I love their style because its so casual and comfy , its what everyone loves ! The most favorite thing i love is their boots and kylie's blue leopard print jeans .

Kisses Elle Amore xo

Friday, 7 June 2013

school days

Top  - Miss Selfridges
Skater Skirt - H&M
Shoes - Primark
Bad - Next

The time has come to say ITS SUMMER ! YAYY ! As you can tell im so happy and delighted that's its summer and i can whip out my skirts and dresses .. So i really like this outfit because it so cute and simple for school and its comfortable . At school i love to be fresh and open and normally we have school uniform but some days we are allowed to wear our own . I love the top im wearing because of the massive tie up bow it has at the front , i got this top in the sale for £6 which i think is a bargain from miss selfridges !

Im not wearing any makeup except of a little bit of black eyeliner because i think at school you need a fresh face and let your natural side out sometimes while you are working and even if you have sports you dont have time to reapply it  . I tied my hair up in this look because at school my hair always gets in my way while im working so i like to put it back in a pony .

Kisses Elle Amore x

Monday, 27 May 2013

Mustard Trees

Dress - H&M
Belt - New Look

I am not wearing much am i ? Yes finally summer has sprung in to England ! I really love this dress because its very light weight and so comfortable to wear anywhere , its so simple as well but it has so much effect ! One thing about this dress that doesn't make it 10/10 is that it sticks to your body like it , not because i was sweating for anything but the fabric make it stick which is very annoying but over all its a nice dress ! Guys I am in a new background but what an unusual one , a tree !

My hair is so simple it just let it go and my make up was really natural .

Kisses Elle Amore x

Friday, 24 May 2013

Chilli Red

Earrings - Topshop
Playsuit - New Look
Sunglasses - New Look
FAKE Louis Vuitton  - Nepal
Wedges - Primark
Belt - New Look

Cute and casual is so me right now . The play suit i saw at new look and as soon as i laid eyes on it i was like YES ! and guess how much ? 4 POUNDS !!! The FAKE Louis Vuitton is my my home town Nepal my aunt got it shipped over here , i got it like 1 year ago but i had never seen an occasion to carry it because its kind of too much for just going round and about for errands but i don't ever think i'm going to buy the real one , its so expensive !

My makeup was full on today i don't actually know what got me bothered to do it but it was inspired from Kim Kardashion . You cant really see my makeup clearly in the photos though ... My hair was just casually scraped back in to a pony which i thought looked chic and it always brings out your face features !

Kisses Elle Amore xo

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Flowers Galore

Brown Chinos - New Look
T-Shirt -New Look
Sandles - Primark
Bracelet - Next
Bag - New Look

I have been loving the chinos this month because they are perfect for spring / summer chilly days . I think the chino trend first came about like 1 year ago but its great to recycle trend and i hope it will be big this summer too . I have no idea what was going with my hair ?! I can never ever get it go go right do i just put it in a side plait . Today i didn't but make up on today , just a little bit of concealer i think that's why my face looks so discolored but ohh well sometimes you just have to have a natural face right ?

Kisses Elle Amore x

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Sunny Island Of Mauritius

One place i would love to visit is the island of Mauritius , one of the most stunning places in the world ! I just need a little getaway ! i am so sick of the poor and horrible rainy weather in England its so horrible ! Key pieces i would take there are -

- Massive beach hat
- lots of sun cream
- bikini 
- sun glasses
- dresses

This post was kind of different to my normal ones , what do you guys think ?

kisses Elle Amore x

Monday, 13 May 2013


Lace Dress - H&M
Sandles - Primark
Belt - New Look
Sunnies - H&M

Guys i think i am in love with lace , i literally cannot get enough of it ! Most of the clothes i'm getting these days are from H&M it has soo much variety and lots of styles from all over the earth because there is a H&M in basically every country ! I really like the sandles from Primark and guess how much they were okay ready .... £3 !!! that's right 3 whole pounds I think that's a massive bargain ! 

So my makeup if very sutle and natural these days , i think its because i'm becoming soo lazy and just cannot be bothered for anything ! so what do you guys think , is it better than being bold ? Also my background scenery is always the same , in my garden ... so my next post i will definitely change it up abit !

Kisees Elle Amore x

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Recent Buys

I haven't really brought allot of this this whole year to be honest and i thought it was time to go out and splurge ! so here are some things i brought ..

Pink Pumps -  Office
Turtle Neck - New Look
Aztec Shirt - H&M
Black Skater Skirt - H&M
Sunnies - H&M

All of the things i brought are for summer , you guys don't know how exited i am for summer like the hot weather the clothes and the late days all that shizzle . So one thing i don't know why i brought was the Aztec Shirt i did like it at the time in the shop but now i have brought it home i don't know what to wear it with , do you guys have any suggestions ? 

Kisses The Style File x

Monday, 6 May 2013

stripes and black

sunnies - H&M
srtiped t-shirt - New Look
Skater Skirt - H&M
beanie - Next

Today was such a nice and sunny day in the town of Guildford , which is very RARE ! It is bank holiday Monday so i was was going to the beach so i thought why not blog about what im wearing ? Im wearing a really nice black skater skirt which is perfect for the beach and a striped t-shirt and i just thought i would add the beanie because it looked nice ! My makeup was very little except for the BOLD  red lip stick which im loving right now ! i think i have been wearing it every where i go ! 
What did you guys do on this lovely sunny day ?
Kisses the style file x

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

April Wish List

So this is my first ever wish list on blogger ! I think i will have monthly wish list for things i would like to buy but most of the things i probably would not like the price tag !


1) Jeffery Campbell Lita - These shoes are probably the most wanted on this list . i don't really know when and where i would wear them but i just want them because they look so nice ! but sad times guys they are so expensive ! so i am thinking about getting the fake ones off ebay , what do you think ?

2) Galaxy Print Top - I have been wanting a galaxy top for quite a while now and these baby's just popped up on amazon ! so i think they would go really nicely with a black skater skirt , i really like the pattern on it its so mesmerizing

3) MAC Lipstick in Rebel - I am really after a dark red lipstick and i think mac's rebel is perfect ! i have quite dry lips so i really like lipsticks that are moisturizing . But the thing is that its price tag is so expensive i think its £14 for 1 lipstick ! you can get similar ones at the drugstore though but not all of them are really good quality .  

4) Lion's head Necklace - I like this necklace because it is bold and it is a design i have never seen before ! its so pretty ! you can wear with mostly anything really but i think i would pair it with a chiffon black shirt and leather skinny trousers . Its a WANT for me ! 

So what are your wishes this month ? let me know in the comments !
kisses the Style File xo

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Red At Heart

I'm so happy ! Its finally summer and here in the UK we do not get summer very often , so i thought i would make the most of it :)

 Red polka dot dress - New Look
Brown Bag - New Look
Flip Flop Sandals - Monsoon

This outfit inspired me from Taylor Swift when she came to london ! Its so casual and perfect for the bold summer colours ! I actually got the dress 1 year ago and i never knew when to wear it but today was a beautiful day and i thought why not ? 
My Favorite part of this outfit is probably the shoes because they are so simple a chic and you can just put them on where ever your going to these baby's are a must have for me !

So my makeup was quite bold today which i quite a surprise because i always stick to the nudes ! Also i have been loving red lipstick recently which i have no idea why ? but what do you think guys ? My hair is just plaited t the side because i really can never be bothered work with my hair its just so difficult ! 

Kisses the stylefile xo