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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

April Wish List

So this is my first ever wish list on blogger ! I think i will have monthly wish list for things i would like to buy but most of the things i probably would not like the price tag !


1) Jeffery Campbell Lita - These shoes are probably the most wanted on this list . i don't really know when and where i would wear them but i just want them because they look so nice ! but sad times guys they are so expensive ! so i am thinking about getting the fake ones off ebay , what do you think ?

2) Galaxy Print Top - I have been wanting a galaxy top for quite a while now and these baby's just popped up on amazon ! so i think they would go really nicely with a black skater skirt , i really like the pattern on it its so mesmerizing

3) MAC Lipstick in Rebel - I am really after a dark red lipstick and i think mac's rebel is perfect ! i have quite dry lips so i really like lipsticks that are moisturizing . But the thing is that its price tag is so expensive i think its £14 for 1 lipstick ! you can get similar ones at the drugstore though but not all of them are really good quality .  

4) Lion's head Necklace - I like this necklace because it is bold and it is a design i have never seen before ! its so pretty ! you can wear with mostly anything really but i think i would pair it with a chiffon black shirt and leather skinny trousers . Its a WANT for me ! 

So what are your wishes this month ? let me know in the comments !
kisses the Style File xo


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