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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Red At Heart

I'm so happy ! Its finally summer and here in the UK we do not get summer very often , so i thought i would make the most of it :)

 Red polka dot dress - New Look
Brown Bag - New Look
Flip Flop Sandals - Monsoon

This outfit inspired me from Taylor Swift when she came to london ! Its so casual and perfect for the bold summer colours ! I actually got the dress 1 year ago and i never knew when to wear it but today was a beautiful day and i thought why not ? 
My Favorite part of this outfit is probably the shoes because they are so simple a chic and you can just put them on where ever your going to these baby's are a must have for me !

So my makeup was quite bold today which i quite a surprise because i always stick to the nudes ! Also i have been loving red lipstick recently which i have no idea why ? but what do you think guys ? My hair is just plaited t the side because i really can never be bothered work with my hair its just so difficult ! 

Kisses the stylefile xo


  1. This dress is adorable. I love the red with white polka dots!

  2. Great post love :)

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