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Friday, 12 April 2013

This Month Faves

Hello !
Welcome to my blogg ... i am going to be blogging about fashion , makeup and my life :)

To begin I'm going to tell you guys some things about me ... i;m a young girl from London and i LOVE  fashion . I hope when I'm older i will have a career around fashion , i hope :)

lets get in to my faves of last month ( i only have a few ) :

These are my sunglasses from New Look they have been so handy the past month because i have been out and about a lot and the cold spring sun was just hurting my eyes . These were £5.00 and they were a great purchase :)

This is my mac studio fix powder in shade NC35 . This product is very useful because i have oily skin and it absorbs my excess oil . it also makes your face glow and not look dewy . this i think was £20.50 and it was another great purchase :)

This is a simple button up white shirt and it is soo EASY to style just grab a pair of leggings and BOOM you've got a great combo and add a collar necklace . this was from H&M and was £7 which was quite a bargain ! Recently i have been wearing this a lot this past month because it summer in the UK hasn't come yet so I'm sticking to the colours black ad white at the moment :)

this is my most praised fashion item in my wardrobe . its from Topshop and cost £60 . This jacket has been so worn through the past months because you just a trow it over any outfit ! As i said i love the colours black and white right now so yess ... this is a MUST have in a girls wardrobe :)

thanks for reading this post 
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  1. love the sun glasses, your blog is just lovely by the ways, keep up the good work :)