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Monday, 13 May 2013


Lace Dress - H&M
Sandles - Primark
Belt - New Look
Sunnies - H&M

Guys i think i am in love with lace , i literally cannot get enough of it ! Most of the clothes i'm getting these days are from H&M it has soo much variety and lots of styles from all over the earth because there is a H&M in basically every country ! I really like the sandles from Primark and guess how much they were okay ready .... £3 !!! that's right 3 whole pounds I think that's a massive bargain ! 

So my makeup if very sutle and natural these days , i think its because i'm becoming soo lazy and just cannot be bothered for anything ! so what do you guys think , is it better than being bold ? Also my background scenery is always the same , in my garden ... so my next post i will definitely change it up abit !

Kisees Elle Amore x