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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Sunny Island Of Mauritius

One place i would love to visit is the island of Mauritius , one of the most stunning places in the world ! I just need a little getaway ! i am so sick of the poor and horrible rainy weather in England its so horrible ! Key pieces i would take there are -

- Massive beach hat
- lots of sun cream
- bikini 
- sun glasses
- dresses

This post was kind of different to my normal ones , what do you guys think ?

kisses Elle Amore x


  1. Holy wow this is beautiful

    xo Ashley

  2. Woop Woooooooop! I was just passing by this blog, which I am loving because you have some of the most beautiful photos of yourself, they're very natural and yet so effective! Anyway, flicking through the posts, I stumbled on this one, and I agree! I'm from Mauritius and I have to tell you, it looks no less than that picture, definitely go if you ever have a chance!


    1. awrrhhh thamks alot , it means so much ! heheh i have always really wanted to go there !